Reviews for "CH8: Cyber Origins (part 1)"

yeah nice game again ^^

first and its same but now its green .-.

I loved this game, though I kind of prefer the other types of games you've made, Quickdraws, QTE's and even just the games that play like Hellevator, here's hoping you might make more of those, if not, that's fine, because these games are good too.

Though this isn't bad, I'm kinda surprised it's...almost the same game as last year. I was hoping for something new. I will say the bosses were challenging but....not a fan of the music used. The gameplay is still good.

A decent bullet-hell game.

The color for the hitbox is kind of hard to see in your peripheral when you need to pay attention to the bullets coming at you.

Story needs work. The lore is not very well explained.

Music works for the most part, even though level 2's is just straight up weird. Made me chuckle though.

Graphics are decent.

Unfortunately, there's not enough happening to make me want to play past level 3. Fun for a bit though. Peace.