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Reviews for "Idle Dungeon Master"

You either love BlobZone games or you despise them. I've always loved playing BlobZone games.

Best protip I can offer for Idle Dungeon Master: never, ever send a Painlord into battle. They make your Goblins produce more gold. Like each Painlord makes each Goblin produce one more gold per unit of time, or #_Goblins*(100+#_Painlords) gold. And there's no apparent cap of the number of Painlords. For instance With max Goblins (100), and a current count of 265 Painlords, I was receiving 36.5k gold/tic.

Protip #2: Early on / until you max room research (all 16 room tiles available), avoid sending Mages into battle.

Protip #3: Avoid leveling up chicken farms (ogres), training rooms (horn demons), archery ranges (archers), and graveyards (skeletons) as much as possible. They are an utter waste of space in the endgame. I got up to level 50 of each and regretted it. Mages are best low-tier unit by far, and are worth stocking up on (maxing out to level 100 even after research is maxed).

Protip #4: The three hidden/bonus units are Doomers (junk), Warlords (solid), and Demonlords (top tier). I'm not sure what attracts/unlocks them, ossibly reaching certain level(s) of rooms, which may negate my previous protip #3. Doomers are garbage, on par with ogres and horn demons. Warlords and Demonlords have good survivability and seem to do good damage in battle.

Protip #5: MELEE: As noted in previous comments, dragons cannot be hit by melee, so when you're facing a large melee-only enemy you can cheese them just with dragons (though depending on how many you have this may take several/many minutes).

Protip #6: DEFENSES: To deal with enemies with large defenses, the best approach is catapults + cheese strategy. Until you have assassins, this strategy looks like sending in (defense/112 round down) catapults along with 1 of each of your fodder units (Ogre + Mage + Horn Demon + Archer + Skeleton + Houndling + Doomer). Once you have assassins, the strategy becomes sending in (defense/112 round down) catapults with (catapults/4 round up) assassins. Catapults seem to deal an average of 112 damage per catapult used/consumed, and catapults get consumed four times as quickly as assassins go in to battle. So if your enemy has 10000 defense, send in 89 catapults with 23 assassins. The timing will work out perfectly, the defenses will be dismantled for you to then send in your big guns, and 23 of your assassins will have attacked the enemy, with around 17 assassins surviving back into your beastiary after the battle.

@Kenxeus has a good comment from 2/3/2017, however (s)he mistakenly assumed workshops are worthless after level 50 because you'll only get up to 50 workers, but I reached 50 workers well before having 50 workshops, and the real benefit of more workshops is each one increases the maximum number of catapults you can have on hand by 5 (level 100 = 500 catapults max, or ~56000 defense damage). Stopping at level 50 would result in a max number of catapults of 250, or ~28000 defense damage. Catapults, like fire walkers, do not occupy sleeping chambers.

Here's all the beastiary creature flavor texts along with all the "DID YOU KNOW" trivia that I saw the game randomly display upon combat defeats:

All creatures
• Each of your creatures prioritizes different enemies during fights
• Most of your creatures will always fight until death
• Ranged enemies and sorcerers can attack you through the defense
• Sometimes it is better to send bigger groups of creatures to attach the enemy
• Your creatures can only attack the enemy when his defense is down

• Ogres are the first monsters to appear in your dungeon / They are strong in numbers
• Your ogres are very basic units but they are good as cannon fodder

• Mages will research new rooms for you / They are good against any kind of enemy / Use them wisely
• Enemy sorcerers and heroes can only be killed by some of your creatures like the mage
• Your mages are one of your stronger units but you will also need them for research

Horn demons
• Horn demons like to train / They are mediocre fighters
• Horn demons are only slightly better than ogres

• Archers are your only creatures that wont fight if they are alone on the battlefield
• Your archers can attack the enemy through their defenses
• Your archers cant be alone on the battlefield always send other units with them

• Spooky scare skeletons send shivers down your spine
• Skeletons are good against ranged enemies also they like to dance

• Houndlings are tough fighters / Heroes and sorcerers are afraid of them
• Houndlings are very good against heroes and mages

• Painlords love to torture others / Goblins will work harder and your other creatures will fight better
• Painlords are not good fighters but very effective with ogres horn demons and skeletons

• Workers wont fight for you but they will build catapults

• Catapults are very effective against enemy defenses but you cant use them alone
• Catapults can only attack the enemy defenses
• Catapults can only be used with other creatures on the battlefield
Catapults seem to deal about 112 damage to enemy defenses per catapult

• Assassins will sneak behind enemy lines to infiltrate the enemy and then vanish if they dont get caught
• Assassins have a 25% chance to die during their assassination attempts
Note that even though the assassins you send into battle counts down to zero, about 75% of the original number will survive and return into your beastiary after combat.

• Djinns are strong magical creatures even stronger than mages
• Your djinns are very strong against melee and ranged enemies

Fire walkers
• Fire walkers will run into the enemy and sacrifice themselves / they dont need sleeping chambers
• Fire walkers will sacrifice themself in a huge explosion
Note fire walkers seem to deal 'splash damage' to all of the foes defenses and creature types simultaneously

• Dragons love gold so much that they spend most of their time in the treasure room
• Dragons can attack the enemy from the sky even when the defense is up
Note as subtly implied in the flavor text, that Dragons (like Fire walkers or Catapults) do not occupy your sleeping chambers

Doomers [hidden creature]
• Doomers love food they will come to your dungeon when you have a good food supply

Warlords [hidden creature]
• Warlords are magical creatures they love to fight and kill

Demonlords [hidden creature]
• Demonlords are feared by basically everyone even your own creatures

My creature assessments
Low tier: Ogres, Horn Demons, Doomers, Skeletons
Mid tier: Archers, Houndlings, Mages, Warlords
Top tier: Djinns, Assassins, Dragons, Demonlords
Meta tier: Goblins, Painlords, Workers/Catapults, Fire Walkers