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Reviews for "Idle Dungeon Master"

It's a neat game, but after the tutorial there's so much that's not explaining. For instance, you don't really know what the new rooms do, you just create the and see what shows up, or how it'll take to get new recruits. And how many chicken farms do I need per how many monsters? what good are torture chambers and prisons? Yeah, I can make some guesses, but there's nothing in the game that tells me much.

Still, it's not a bad way to idle some time.

I liked the room types, right until we just threw our evil out the window and got casinos and temples. Are the wicked temples and ?? cheating casinos at least? lol

So i get what people are saying about needing some hard information as to what some of the troops do, say assassin - are they going after heroes and wizards only, or what? What are the benefits (if any) of bring a painlord into combat? Backing out of combat before initializing seems a good idea, but might be part of the risk you wish to implement.

I was a bit disappointed the room types quickly became 'unlock x creature', I would have wanted a little more tools, like perhaps a altar to summon a demon (with the lives of say a goblin and x amount of ogres/hornheads) that gives you a massive bonus in next combat.

Can I get rid of excess workers somehow?

Blobzone responds:

Dont worry, they will max out at 50 workers.

I was glad to see another idle game from you, since you know how to make idle games interesting, haha. I enjoyed this one like I did with several other of your idle games. I enjoyed this one more than most of your other idle games, though, because I can leave this one run for hours without having anything stop the game, like applying stat points to a fighter or something like that.

Everything in this game worked fine for me and I saw no changes that should be made except one. The only thing that I can think of that would be a good change is to make it so that the player can back out of battle.

Great game, man! Keep up the good work!

Fun for an idle game but this would be 100x better with a visual representation of the battles.