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Reviews for "Idle Dungeon Master"

Good and extremely addictive, would be better if a retreat button for battles or wars would added so we can retreat when we think were losing, AND so that we wouldn't have to wait for another solid 40 minutes to attack again. Again an overall great game, just needs a little bit more improvements.

I don't normally enjoy these type of games, but I just couldn't bring my self to stop playing until I beat it. The battle system was pretty cool, and it took me quite a long time to figure out which of my minions were best used against which enemies (i.e Enemy melee troops cannot kill flying dragons, so a single dragon can beat 9999 melee, albeit very slowly), which added a small element of strategy into the game.

The very last fortress however was a monster! It has literally taken me 4 days of on and off playing to finally conquer it, and that was with all buildings maxed out (except the lava pits and treasure rooms which were 94 and 78 respectively by the time I finished).

Overall not a bad little idle game.

I have counqured the world ... where is my money?!! No reward for last fight? No gold and virgins? I can't even upgrade my dragons to full level cose i have to wait my goblins to mine me gold ... !!!

What I like: unique, ominous music, concepts, and the graphics. Also it has medals.

What I don't like:
1. Requires a lot of waiting for gold once prices get to a certain amount. I think they should add something different then having to due then wait for gold so you have something to do to keep it interesting.
2. Can be kind of repetitive if you're not into the basic idle kind of thing.

Not sure if the author still updates the game at all, but if they do...
1. Add more to do to make it less repetitive and more interactive.
2. Stats screen to help track progress on medals and other things.

Regardless overall this is a pretty cool basic idle game. Be cool to see an update soon.

i usually don't like these games but this one is pretty good.

one irk was the army. ex: how many ogres does each farm get? i'm neurotic and want to know. also, what can i do to speed up recruitment? is there a building out there can get me troops faster?

another (petty) irk is the mining and research buttons. can you put them next to each other? i like to switch between them sometimes.

overall, good work!