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Reviews for "Idle Dungeon Master"

I have counqured the world ... where is my money?!! No reward for last fight? No gold and virgins? I can't even upgrade my dragons to full level cose i have to wait my goblins to mine me gold ... !!!

I don't normally enjoy these type of games, but I just couldn't bring my self to stop playing until I beat it. The battle system was pretty cool, and it took me quite a long time to figure out which of my minions were best used against which enemies (i.e Enemy melee troops cannot kill flying dragons, so a single dragon can beat 9999 melee, albeit very slowly), which added a small element of strategy into the game.

The very last fortress however was a monster! It has literally taken me 4 days of on and off playing to finally conquer it, and that was with all buildings maxed out (except the lava pits and treasure rooms which were 94 and 78 respectively by the time I finished).

Overall not a bad little idle game.

HAHAHAHAH! Funny game and with old feelings! Congratz! Makes me very happy!

This has got to be the most Tedious game on Newgrounds.

It's still a fun game to play. You can either look at it and make your dungeon grow faster, Or you can mute the sound and just let the money and research points grow up while you do something else on your computer. BUT! When it comes to acquiring the specific Newgrounds achievement medals, Then this game can feel like it is taking for ever to complete!

Not since the Flash movie "African Dudes" have I seen such Tedious Newgrounds medals to get.

good if this is your first attempt at an idle. I would recommend 2 things, one reward players who decide to take a more active role more and 2 this isn't a true idle, as you need to keep a window open with game active(you need it to track time even when a player is offline, meaning get it to save the date time last played, then calc the time between last active and now, then get it to apply everything you would get in that game time). otherwise a reasonably good idle