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Reviews for "Idle Dungeon Master"

Fun for an idle game but this would be 100x better with a visual representation of the battles.

It was an interesting and cute little time killer but overall I felt it was far too simple and required next to no skill other then being able to click really fast. Good time waster and good concept though.

I like it.

I suggest a fill bar or a percentage (like what you have for research) to show how long till the next monster comes. Also, it would be great to know what the maximum is number of each type of monster you're getting, like you've done with the catapults.

And since there is a limit based on sleeping space, maybe a way to destroy units or limit how many are produced (recruited? conscripted?), so you're not wasting your space on crappy lower levels monsters.

Also think about adding something else to do other than mine gold/research rooms for the player to do. Like if I'm mining gold, maybe randomly I find treasure, or if I'm researching, finding a way to upgrade one of the monsters, or a cool spell, or a way to boost how quickly I get monsters.

I think this is a great, the only thing is there is no way to see stats for how you mined/researched. that is the only i think you should add if you do the next update on this game.

For those interested, Doomers appear after purchasing 25 Chicken Farms (Ogre), Warlords after 50 Training Grounds (Horned Demons) and Demonlords after 25 Temples (Djinns). Doomers are pretty garbage, so boosting the chicken farms is ill advised, the Demonlords are great (and so are the Djinns), and the Warlocks are ok, but you have to choose if you want to have Horned Demons taking your limited space for them.

As far as the game goes, it's a good time-waster, as are these kinds of games, normally. A quick summary of each monster's stats and abilities (especially assassins), along with some pretty important stuff to know that are only found in tips (if you're lucky to get that specific tip), like catapults can only destroy defenses, would have been useful.