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Reviews for "Idle Dungeon Master"

What I like: unique, ominous music, concepts, and the graphics. Also it has medals.

What I don't like:
1. Requires a lot of waiting for gold once prices get to a certain amount. I think they should add something different then having to due then wait for gold so you have something to do to keep it interesting.
2. Can be kind of repetitive if you're not into the basic idle kind of thing.

Not sure if the author still updates the game at all, but if they do...
1. Add more to do to make it less repetitive and more interactive.
2. Stats screen to help track progress on medals and other things.

Regardless overall this is a pretty cool basic idle game. Be cool to see an update soon.

Super fun if you like things like Cookie Clicker, Tangerine Tycoon, and other idle clicker games.

Just another game trying to wear out my mouse.

This game was fun at the beginning, but gold is soon useless and you are just waiting for your troop to hurry up and regenerate. Wish there were some kind of instructions. As OP said, game is somewhat punishing to play at the end, with about 10000 of each kind of enemy. Since playing, I have not cleared out my cookies for 3 months, showing you that it takes a very long time to beat the game.

I think this game is punishing me for playing. The gold needed for each goblin upgrade is plain absurd, leaving with less money than before, and most of the game is spent waiting. There is no description of what each unit does exactly, leaving the player to guess what does what most of the time.