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Reviews for "Idle Dungeon Master"

Why did it take a whole week for 6 dragons to kill 4,000 people?

I see in your author comments there's an "unlock broken medals" button. I need that because I completely leveled up everything to the max and conquered every realm, yet medals 15, 19, 21 and 22 and still locked for me. So many days spent, shame to not have all the medals to show for it. Anyway, cool layout/design.

I defeated John Cena

Well...I just finished the game.
As everyone said below, it gets repetitive and boring in the shadow lands (even in the green lands).
But in the beginning, it is quite creative and cool. And it should keep like that (somehow).
After 1 month doing the same things, you finish it...and for the haters: what exactly did you expect from a game called "IDLE Dungeon Master"? Idle = Lazy, Vagrant. So it is what it is, most of time you are AFK. The game is fair, it gives you what is meant to be, and not a SUPER INTERACTIVE thing that most people request.

Well, I have some advices to give:
-Upgrade your goblins to max first, after that, just stay afk.
-Get all medals from research in the beginning (clicking it), because you max it early in the game, and have no opportunity to click for yourself later.
-Upgrade to max you assassins and firewalkers, because they are the only units that lasts in the shadow lands. Only assassins keeps killing Heroes...and so, only firewalkers keep killing the sorcerers.

I loved the game, the retro graphs, and the soundtrack.

i usually don't like these games but this one is pretty good.

one irk was the army. ex: how many ogres does each farm get? i'm neurotic and want to know. also, what can i do to speed up recruitment? is there a building out there can get me troops faster?

another (petty) irk is the mining and research buttons. can you put them next to each other? i like to switch between them sometimes.

overall, good work!