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Reviews for "Idle Dungeon Master"

Nice game... I have not gone too far in it though (unlocked "prison" room) but a problem is that when you click the O to go to overworld you HAVE TO fight a battle. There is not a way to just check the defences of a castle and then go back to your dungeon. Also it would be useful if I could see the stats of the monsters I have.

good game but someone plz help me how to increase gold pre click and research points per second

it says i can sleep all day but i didnt get the medal..

Blobzone responds:

Should be fixed now, but let me know if you still have problems.

Nice Dungeonk ... eeer, Dungeon Master game 8)(

- I dont think it is necessary to write out the gold amount in words once you reach a million.
- I got all rooms by clicking within 1/2 hour, only buying one room and already researching the next one. I think getting new rooms should be more difficult, when about 50 to 1000 monsters of the previous room are reached. Mages at this moment are not necessary at all.
- upgrade: In order to not make the "wizzards for research" idea useless after the last room is researched, I would let them research spells after. Before a battle, these spells could be applied to certain monster groups, for example "double damage" on dragons or something. The wizards could also start researching passive perks for monster groups.
- actually, I never was defeated when attacking, for I was playing careful. The reason for this was that I lost almost the entire army in one of the first battles and then decided to play it safe - but ALSO because there was no indicator as when I would reach a certain maximum number of creatures. When hovering mouseover over the buildings, you should be able to see: "Skeletons: 3/10". I figured out that I could see the maximum amount of monsters only after I had every room, by hovering over the sleeping chambers.
- every room should have a benefit when repeatedly clicking it. The sleeping room could become dirty over time so you would have to clean it otherwise the maximum monsters would decrease until you clean it. similar features for the other rooms - give us more to do for the other rooms, too ;)

keep up the good work!

Can I get rid of excess workers somehow?

Blobzone responds:

Dont worry, they will max out at 50 workers.