Reviews for "Idle Dungeon Master"

Can I get rid of excess workers somehow?

Blobzone responds:

Dont worry, they will max out at 50 workers.

Unlocked the demon lord but not the one before it :/

Ehhh.. it could use some work

Game is great but it does not collect any gold nor monster during offline mode

- Dungeon Keeper reference and other funny easter eggs
- addictive

- bad interface (lacks ability to return to dungeon if you don't want to fight, lacks ability to subtract creatures)
- broken medals (I have 100 goblins and I'm finishing shadow lands, but I don't have my medals. Button in the main menu didn't help me)
- progress is a little bit slow

Conclusion: not a bad concept. Keep updating it to unleash its full potential.

Blobzone responds:

Should be fixed now, but let me know if you still have problems.