Reviews for "Idle Dungeon Master"

Works well for an office job. At the end of the day I get the feeling I've accomplished something by doing nothing.

Well, it is kinda good. Shame that the workers fill up the beds without being killed though.

Sucked big time, Especially when I saw I received no medals, And like all the rest, these games are done, lazy and pointless. Used to be fun, now I rather watch paint dry or see how grass grows, over playing this game another minute.

Srry dude not good enough for NG

People who make these idle games should be required to play Candybox and A Dark Room first.

These games were successful because they had actual gameplay and story alongside the idling aspects.

Idle games like this one involve nothing more than clicking buttons and watching numbers go higher. Sometimes they have a 'click this button to watch your numbers get smaller' in the form of a 'battle' mechanic, like this one, but they're all essentially the exact same game with a different skin.

I think that there are enough idle games like this that you can't just get away with doing the same-old-same-old anymore.

Two stars because it seems polished, which is more than some can say, but it's still nothing special.

pretty good game i would say, just two problems 1) takes forever to reasearch a new room 2)also atjes forever to get the new troops, other than that great game dude!