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Reviews for "Idle Dungeon Master"

I like this game :) I came back to it and it had my save data so I could grow my army

Repetitive with no real goals in sight, however as the bare bones of a classic flash game it works well enough to be mildly entertaining. Needs more work on statistics, developments in both minions and aesthetics. A

I..... I can't stop playing...... wh... WHAT IS THIS GAME??

I like it. Still playing it. The ONLY bad thing I can point out that bugs me about the game is the achievements. The achievements must not be paying attention. Currently have 89 Goblins, but the 50 never unlocked. Every land I've conquered was never accounted for. I noticed a couple other hiccups people pointed out, one example being that you have to scroll over the cave to get a gold count. That doesn't bother me. The comments on the "cancel battle" option are relevant, also. Instead of a "+10," maybe that button could be used for a cancel option. Also, a "forfeit" on the battle screen just to take a loss and end the battle would be valuable time-wise. Example, watching numbers drop on say the catapult when they're generally ineffective once all the characters are dead is a waste of time and can get frustrating for the impatient. Just some constructive ideas and opinions. Otherwise, it's a great idle game.

WARNING: very addictive. once you start you wont stop