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Reviews for "Hide"

The main thing about this game: read the warning at start, it says turn on your headset. It is almost impossible to accomplish a mission without the headset. But if you use it, the game is atmospherical, misterious and rather hardcore. Liked it

Vyntershtoff responds:

Thank you for the review!
I guess i have to make this warning bigger.
Without headphones this game is a nightmare and not in a good way)

Nice graphics and mood!

Vyntershtoff responds:


The game is very good,yet simple,it doesn't have a backstory.An explanation of what is the spider,why there is a mist where it's living.It's just "ok,I'm trapped in this city,and there is this monster,so I'll take some fuel to my car and get the hell out of here".But the story itself has much more potential!

Vyntershtoff responds:

Thank you!
You're right and the next game will have a better story :)

a good game, like was in the good old horror movie. Afraid of every rustle, shaking knees, because you have only one life, and you're afraid of losing it. nice.
+ Very stylish it looks.