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Reviews for "Butthole Cactus"

Game doesn't work. I get to the last frame of the story intro and the music cuts out and it freezes. Can't do anything. I'm also using the latest version of Chrome so there's no reason, I don't think, why this should happen.

SiredSpace responds:

I've sent a pm with instructions regarding this issue. I hope to be able to correct this soon.

Incredible as the games of the past. And here we are in that line where we expect incredible graphics but with simple lines you can spend hours having fun.

-Incredible game
-has a very original touch
- note the effort and dedication
The music is simple but very good
-the storyline short but incredible
The character is fun

I found a very good game. With very simple details but the entertainment is guaranteed. The music is very good combined with the sounds, the controls are very good and do not fail, a good start with the storyline and an incredible character.

FAV / 4.5 / VOTE4

SiredSpace responds:

thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing! I'm very glad you had a good time :)

Disturbingly great!

SiredSpace responds:

haha, I'm happy you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

i gave it a 5 to be honest because i really wanted to see more!
but i have these comments:

- Great Music, but title screen music was a little annoying
- Great story line to be honest! was simple and funny and could expand to soo much more
- The name caught my eye and i had to check it out, was so funny
- Nice simplistic characters, leaving room for much more personality traits as the story progresses
- loved that you had to move to see the rules and options
- the controls felt nice
- Nice that the options featured the possibility to stop some animations if they irritated the eye.
- Funny sound when you went through the butthole. that and the color of the confetti made it really satisfying to beat a level.

Bad stuff:
- The death animation from the cactus was really funny, therefore it sucks that the wall and rock death didn't have animation
- The rocks are just still frames rotating no matter what direction they're heading.. you could make that better by actually animating it
- on the first stage with three rocks, it is actually possible to rest/stand inside one of the black guys.. you might wanna check that out.
- It was kinda annoying that when you died, the rocks would go back to their starting point as well. i prefer the stages move continuously and if you die then you are the only one being set to start.
- Game turned kinda boring after second world, but i finished it in hope of addings to the level and a great ending..
- The ending wasn't great compared to the introduction.
- The whole 'timing the rocks' got really tidious fast. not rocks in general but the "here's a looong passage with a rock at the end so you have to figure out when to move at the beggining, then wait 4 seconds and die"

Great game! love to see more of the butthole cactus!

SiredSpace responds:

this is a very well thought out and very helpful critique, thank you!

A tot of the negatives you mentioned occurred to me during development and I debated on whether or not they were problematic. Seeing how you felt encourages me to make these changes in future projects.

Thank you very much for playing and leaving feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Awesome game. A bit rage inducing but Still fail at the same time. the controls feel slightly stiff at times but nothing that truly cripples the game and takes away from the enjoyment.

The Mechanisms were very interesting and unique. I don't think Iv'e ever seen a game do something similar to the glass thing so props (the boulders had a bit of the impossible game feel).
Complementing fun lighthearted story for the whole family is great.

Loved it, enjoyed it a lot, Great game!

SiredSpace responds:

Thank you so much for the wonderful support you've been giving the game.

This is very solid feedback which I am thankful for and will remember for possible future expansions.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for playing! :)