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Reviews for "Butthole Cactus"

This was pretty good. I didn't beat it, but I had a good time and it involved buttholes. lol

SiredSpace responds:

haha, I'm glad you enjoyed, thanks for playing :)

This was definitely an interesting game idea for a lack of better words, but I did find myself getting into it. It's actually a fun game that forces you to be quick on your toes. When judging it by it's cover, I thought it was going to be a poorly made spam game, but this is well done! The controls work perfectly and while the art isn't anything special, I still find it to be rather charming.

This game is definitely creative and unique in it's own way and I'm glad to see you got frontpage for it!

SiredSpace responds:

haha thank you very much :) that was very kind feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Thanks for playing!

Nice game. Fluid controls, good theme and well thought out.... except the B in buthole.

SiredSpace responds:

yeah, I really balls'd that one up, didn't I? I'm not too happy with how I drew the 'B' in the title, it ends up looking more like a 'C'. I think the one in the thumbnail turned out a lot better.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback and I'm very happy you enjoyed it :) Thanks for playing!

Well, this was a pretty good game but it had one main problem. I couldn't hear anything! I don't know what went wrong. Well, I still have to give it credit for being mostly good. It was a pretty original idea. I just like the graphics as well.

You really had to work hard to get to that butthole. That sounds dirty. That was most likely the intention. It was fine for a goofy little game. I'm sorry I couldn't hear it.

SiredSpace responds:

Oh man, sorry about the sound issues, that's a bummer. I don't know why that would be happening [ perhaps try a different browser? ]

Either way, thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

easy !

SiredSpace responds:

well, glad it didn't frustrate you, thanks for playing! :)