Reviews for "Madness:Possesed"

Better than Realm


well, i see that you have really tried to make something decent, but it didn't came up how you wanted to. But i'm not going just rate 0 and not say anything, i'll try to help you a little by saying what you should focus on.

The first thing is: Stop scaling sprites. A lot of sprites in your movie has been made bigger or smaller, just don't do that, that's really bad looking.

Second thing: Start using 30 fps. In how many frames this movie has been made? 12? Your aniamtion won't become smooth and fluid if you will keep doing them on a framerate like that.

And the third thing: Add some sounds efects, start using vcam and maybe add some music. You can find a lot of tutorials at youtube how to do that.

I hope that this review will help you with your incoming animations. But remember - don't rush, wait with another movie to the moment when you will be good enough. Good luck :)

MargieFriendsold responds:

Thanks! I've been practicing a bit on my animations now. And I might even release a remake of this
We'll see!

nut bed nut gud either atleast you're better than me let me tell you how to improve makin better animations. You can go watch some madness tutorials on YT you will find all the stuff you might need there! Good luck!

You have skills, but this is basically just a looping animation with no sound. The animation is choppy, but it shows you know what you're doing. Keep practicing and you'll get better. IN the meantime, keep working and try submitting something a little better.