Reviews for "Madness:Possesed"

Nobody wants a shit review. A suggestion:
GO to youtube and search for the madness combat toturials. These guys show some basic madness animating skills.

When you get the hang of it (of MacroMedia flah 8) it will get a lot easier. Remember that a good MC animation takes weeks/months depending on the quality and how many hours you put in each week/day.


Bad. I don't get what's going on, things don't make sense such as random things appearing and levatating, horrible animation, white borders, hank appearing out of no where. Shit imo.

this animation is not so good, it has no sounds. It also has low fps (10 fps?). Next time, you have to submit the good animations!

You have skills, but this is basically just a looping animation with no sound. The animation is choppy, but it shows you know what you're doing. Keep practicing and you'll get better. IN the meantime, keep working and try submitting something a little better.