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Reviews for "Zehkiflorn Reveal Trailer"

Masterful, musical, and wickedly vivid animation! Is it... drawn by hand, all of it? Along with the audial ambience it all gets a both pompous and eerie, fantasy kind of vibe to it. Very nicely done!


this was superb! I love the Fantastic Planet-style surrealism stuff. Can't ever get enough of that shit.

Good job man.

Beautiful work.

Great soundtrack and overall great smooth animation good work

Wait, will you be submitting the whole movies here? I mean, I'm sure you could! With this new format, I'm sure you could go over 35 minutes or so. I'd love to see the longest flash here. I really liked the animation as always. I don't recall a cartoon you made with this name.

It's a cool name, though. I'm not much for trailers. This still looks promising. I always want my favorite artists to submit stuff here. I could have sworn there was a pokemon in there.