Reviews for "Sneaky Mystery"

I remember when you told me this,

selfdefiant responds:
Thank you! My games look the same because I make them and not someone else. They will continue to look the same too. If you don't like them, then don't play. :)

But now you followed all my advice, changed the music, a different scenario, in the end you realize that the opinion of the player that counts more than the same that creates the game.

Never forget, neither games nor creators;)

My review:
Is completely different from the other games you created, they do not seem so copy / paste with a good music you still have a lack of imagination in the puzzles but it is much better than the others. You are improving .
There are still things to work on but you have improved

Now the game has nice music and the medals are back again. There are enough difficult games to play on NG, so to have some easy game like this is good for relaxing.
Finally, I'm glad that you listen to your fans and try to make it better.

This is a nice little escape game like the rest of your games. The puzzles were a bit too easy, though. Also, I didn't find the music you used to be very suiting. The music you used would've been suitable for one of your horror escape games because holy hell did it get creepy.

It was a pretty good game, not the worst I have played.
I love the music though, what is it?

Short but not bad, fairly simple puzzles... and yet another scenario where the place is too NICE to want to escape.