Reviews for "Tiny Heist"

I was pretty terrible at it, but I liked the game. It's possibly by design, but I noticed that you can spawn on a floor with one green key and two green doors. The first door will consume the key, leaving you stuck.

Ok game but the CPU are really OP and makes it impossible to loads of the levels.

Decent game

So this was a decent little game you have here, I like the "PIXEL" like graphics you have here on this one, the different levels are really nice and visualy very apealing the levels are notbad the medals are a nice touch and keep it exciting, so for me no major changes are needed I found this game to be a delight.

no major changes are needed I found this game to be a delightful game


This game has no music, which makes it quiet and half-boring.
The lack of some tutorial makes the game hard, I know that the game was probably made to look old from the time of the games of atari for example but those problems and the slightly unfair moments in the game make it annoying and irritating.
The author of the game could put some music in it and make the game more fair by reducing the enemies and removing this system of turn.

It had a very old style of graphics but with the items and how everything can play out very quickly i think it is a fun game. I even did a video of it where I can't make it past the third floor, but just because it is a good game does not mean I am good at it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFl343dawxg If anyone feels bad because they arent any good just send them that because in all honesty a carved pumpkin is better then me, but it was so fun to play and try so good job :)