Reviews for "Tiny Heist"

Hey this game is really fun!
The levels are challenging and requires you to make quick decisions while trying to predict the movements of the npc. I'm not an expert but I really enjoy this game!
Great work d00d!

sweet love! this game is so simple, yet so infectious! honestly, i think i'm gonna lose a good few hours of my life over this baby. the only thing holding it back is the difficulty level. some might say lack of music too, but no music is better than bad music, and having no music fits the keeping silent concept anyway.

It's great to see platform gameslike this! I like the little guy and the nosy security guards watching him! The challenges presented in this game make it engaging! I enjoy platformers that have obstacles and you have to come up with strategies! This is definitely one of those games! I'll be sure to check out more of your stuff, Terry, and don't forget to check out my audio submission and follow me back! (if you want to, it's not like I expect you to, lol!)

If I ever see anything mildly resembling an Elite Bot in real life, I'm going to scream and getting the heck out of there. Not counting that, amazing game! Very challenging and very addictive.

I really enjoyed this game back then i beated the entire game lots of times! And its very fun i really like the mechanics in the game, and it has been one of my favourite games of all time!

All Enemies:

Patrol Bot
Laser Patrol Bot
Laser Camera
Elite Bot
Laser Quad-Camera