Reviews for "Tiny Heist"

I like the basic idea, but it really is more unfair than challenging. It's not uncommon to end up in a level you can't reasonably clear without damage

Its really addictive - you've got twitch game play here, good stuff

There is a lot of items and enemy types - that was neat. I was still seeing new items even after 10 games in. I liked some were not so useful, and wondered if some were more rare than others.

Patrolbot : some of the levels are really big, so just in figuring out where, say 3 keys are to escape, you have to also contend with all the extra foes based on your speed.

A bit too unbalanced to be true roguelike: I really like this game, and the difficulty is at times, just a bit too unfair in the room setup. In other words, I wasn't learning anything in some deaths but I just had a shitty room, end of story. When you feel like your skills aren't growing, its just a gambling game. But i can't see the knock this game down to a 2 star type game.

I love this game in principle, but the proc gen needs some fine tuning I think. I've had floors spawn that had no solution (green door but no green key on the floor anywhere), which is a real bummer during a good run.

If that bug can get ironed out, I'll make this 5 stars.

Simply not interesting.

that difficult