Reviews for "Tiny Heist"

This is a game with a fairly good concept. However it is the randomly generated structures that is the most frustrating. For example there is a small 3x3 room with the key and 2 dogs with a guard, there is a green door with no keys to possible to be collected. There is even a long hallway with a guard and a camera. These are most of where the frustration came from.


Genuine old school feel, without all the bullshit that old-school suffered from, meaning great.
Of course, since it got rid of old-school bullshit it has to be subject to modern bullshit, as seen in the fact that it's a roguelite, which isn't necesarily a bad thing, but it could use a good ballancing act or two in the RNG.

First turn-based stealth game I ever had genuine enjoyment for. I'd rather it have designed levels, but if you want to keep it rng, hope you tweak the system to perfection eventually.

In short, with a bit of balancing, this game could become a bite-sized modern classic, and those quick rounds make it perfect for a party game. Hope to see it improve and grow in popularity.

Addictive, but terrible gameplay. For starters, the text bubbles are WAY too big, you can't even see what you are doing, also, levels 2-6 are all really similar difficulty, and don't progress enough. Up to level 6 it's like this: Really easy, hard, hard, hard, hard, hard. The graphics are nice. But there is no tutorial explaining the mechanics and different guards.

The game has a lot of potential, it's just currently terrible and doesn't deserve an average rating of 4 stars.

Wonderful game! Somewhat difficult, not possible to play on auto-pilot. But it has very old school feel. Strong mechanics compensates for the lack of visuals.