Reviews for "Tiny Heist"

I love this game in principle, but the proc gen needs some fine tuning I think. I've had floors spawn that had no solution (green door but no green key on the floor anywhere), which is a real bummer during a good run.

If that bug can get ironed out, I'll make this 5 stars.

I'm loving this game. Old school and difficult. I could play for ages.

Yes its hard but that means you can play it for ages and ages. I love the easter egg with the drill ;)

I find this game INCREDIBLY HARD, and sure Super Dangerous Dungeons has difficulty like most pixel games, but this game makes me want to rip my hair out and scream. Im pretty good at video games, but this is the most near-impossible one i've played yet, Random Generation is a problem because i've been running into floors with no keys. Sorry for the aruging, but update the game sometime, K? (Love the game though!)

Ok, I actually love the game, I think the whole thing is pretty cool, but it's in-winnable. Not because the game itself is too difficult, but because apparently when I press a button on my keyboard, the game seems to assume that I never let go of it. I've gotten as far as round ten and my guy will suddenly decide to sprint across the entire map into a red camera and it's GG. It's fucking maddening, I wanted to beat this game so bad and I thought I'd just try to make it work with that handicap, but it's just not possible. I haven't seen anyone else complaining about this in the comments, so I'm assuming it's just something to do with my computer.

Anyway, I like the game itself a lot. I think the whole thing is really well done. The maps do present impossible scenarios, but they are few and far between. I think the power ups were awesome and creative, the whole thing felt like across between Dig Dug and MGS 2. Very well done.