Reviews for "Tiny Heist"

I played it for hours, for days.
The simplicity of the art fits well, and the gameplay is very well done.
BTW, I discovered the error floors.

This is a really fun, mind racking, and addicting game. I feel that it could be developed more. I played this for about an hour.

this is a great game i just wish it had different eneimes and items

This is heaps neat. Love the retro vibe and strategies with time and movement.
I found this well made and challenging, nice work!

sweet love! this game is so simple, yet so infectious! honestly, i think i'm gonna lose a good few hours of my life over this baby. the only thing holding it back is the difficulty level. some might say lack of music too, but no music is better than bad music, and having no music fits the keeping silent concept anyway.