Reviews for "Tiny Heist"

Very simplistic yet so fun to play. If this was released in NES or Atari period it would definitely become a hit. The downsides of the game is It's difficulty, I think an increasing level of difficulty starting by maybe making the guard AI dumber at first or adjusting the camera,guard ranges or increasing the number of items in the first stages stage could work. Adding a simple background music which can be turned off optionally could also make the game more atmospheric. Overall I really liked the game,I hope you build up on the idea and make updates to it!

Simply not interesting.

This game has no music, which makes it quiet and half-boring.
The lack of some tutorial makes the game hard, I know that the game was probably made to look old from the time of the games of atari for example but those problems and the slightly unfair moments in the game make it annoying and irritating.
The author of the game could put some music in it and make the game more fair by reducing the enemies and removing this system of turn.

Hey this game is really fun!
The levels are challenging and requires you to make quick decisions while trying to predict the movements of the npc. I'm not an expert but I really enjoy this game!
Great work d00d!

This is one of the best games I've played on here. A refreshing twist on my favorite genre, rogue-like. My only complete is that it's entirely too hard.