Reviews for "Volcano"

Was a little glitchy, bit difficult, but overall good fun.

This is really good level design.

This is such a genius puzzle, and in such a simple style, I like this a lot!

The mechanics are as simple as they come: move, and the lava moves with you. Push crates to keep the lava from killing you and your friends, and the friends run in fear when they see lava. These simple mechanics made for some pretty challenging levels that really made me crack my skull a few times.

Most levels require ingenious solutions, where you sometimes are forced to make your friends run in order to get them all in one place, and other similar situations. The fact of the matter is: there are very few levels one can beat by doing the obvious, and that's amazing for a puzzle with such simple mechanics.

The minimalistic presentation is pretty nice, but the sound effects are a bit... loud? Yeah, they feel loud for whatever reason. Regardless, this game is pretty great.

What a great puzzle game! The mechanics are simple enough to work with the levels, and it goes just long enough to avoid getting stale. Keep up the good work!

i love this game it is so fun and i stright up love it!!!