Reviews for "The Eddsworld Kidz Collab"


AtomicAstro responds:

When reviews get too helpful

I feel like the energy used to make this could have gone into something good, clearly some talented animators on board inbetween clips that are just loud and the joke is that they're animations made using tweens and whatnot. Honestly the whole project feels mean spirited and tasteless, especially including that screenshot of the twitter interaction between Moha and Tom, this feels like a whole lot of energy put into a piece of work that plays up shock value and controversy. I wish you all the best as artists but this feels unnecessarily malicious. I don't understand the purpose of this existing it's neither creative nor entertaining and it targets real life people who are going to see it and obviously get upset, I just don't get it.

i think that atomic astro has gotten better at animation the part where he says shut up I enjoyed. i didnt think all the people involved would be so ruthless in the making fun of dead edd so thats pretty crazy but astro u r getting better. didnt like most of the other parts and i hated the gay scene with the club music that shit was gay as fuck

some of you are actually ok at making spammy shit but some of you actually put effort into this which is a terrible idea and pretty much just says to me that you can't get into actual animation collabs. and then the spam shitpost entries aren't funny because they all have to do with the same joke thats been done by several groups already LOL Edd Gould died!!!!XD!! some of you actually have potential but you're spending 2-3 months on this instead of doing actual collabs or cartoons that people are gonna care about

Use of copyrighted music in submissions opens NG up to attacks from music licensing companies.