Reviews for "Raven Footjob"

Wow, amazing stuff! Sooo hot. I have never been as turned on by a footjob as I am right now...

Kinda have to agree with the below comment.
Compared to the rest of his texture, it does stick out.

His hyper dick does kinda stick out as well. As does the eyes. It doesn't sync that well. Gravity is rather here and there as well. (specifically the boob) It has an okay flow though.

The soles look really odd, and it kind of ruins it for me. It looks like they have ribs. The folds on her feet shouldn't be all over like that, so maybe remodel the feet using a few different references.

Keep up with the raven content it's sexy

I have been hoping for quite a long time someone would do this particular animation... yet you completely botched it. The eyes are too big, the feet are sloppy, the animation is repetitive, poorly done, and generally boring, and of course you just HAD to add a dick didn't you? (At least add an option to remove it ffs).
You should seriously consider scrapping this and putting more effort in. This feels like you rushed through. I hope that's the case anyway.