Reviews for "Cinema Panic 2"

cinema panic

lol these charas def look like demon lord in part time job anime.

slick and easy and cute art

Good design

Clean graphics, snazzy theme music, reasonably fun. It is a pain to collect diamonds, once you upgrade your soda and popcorn machine that makes it a lot easier. The ticket seller keeps falling asleep, pulling out cell phone etc and you can't tap on the glass unless someone already passed into the theater OR they are going to the theater and not turning at the concession stand. If the customer turns to the concession stand you can't tap on the glass, after their purchase they disappear leaving you unable to alert your lazy ticket seller

I really like the game play actually, but those diamonds/gems are annoying, so is that energy thing. And it seems to me that sometimes it is just impossible to get the combo (especially because you cant upgrade the machines because it costs diamonds/gems and you cant get them)