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Reviews for "I wanna be the NICE GUY"

What can I say. It's a "I wanna be" game, I can't get past the first 5 obstacles. It might be shit later on, I dunno. The beginning is exactly as I expected though, however, a bit more originality would be nice. I'd give it like a 3.8, but 4 will do for now.

it has potential the controls could have been shown somewhere first but at least its not so hidden either, the difficult is what you would expect from an "i wanna be the" game, it was kinda hard to find out how to progress in the game but overall i would say its average

greg1999 responds:

thanks Reviews

Nothing to new but interesting . but not more then very simuler games .

It's playable but not very fun. If Dark Souls was a 2D scroller, this would be it. Difficult and a little aggravating.

The controls are not good. It took me a while to figure them out since they aren't mentioned in author comments or on the beginning of the game. It's kinda hard tho.