Reviews for "Lost Pause: The Second Cumming!"

Oh my gosh, I didn't think id make it through this game, cause it had me laughing from beginning to end. First off what a masterpiece! the game worked just as good as any rpg game online, even though it is more on the simple side. Good thing though because I'm not much of an rpg gamer anyways. Second, I LOVED the witty character Joey, breaking the fourth wall here and again. Actually all the characters were great, from the player to the nurse, like holy shit. You've really done it man! So good!

StaticSkull responds:

Thank you very much
I'll be making a new game like this that parodies dating sims :)

brilliant music and game play, i want to make something along a similar lines. also Lostpause FTW. Shout out from Crimson.

Glitch: talking to the nurse a second time triggers the first dialouge and the movement after. it then gets stuck and unprogressable.

A+ lazyness ripping that forest level
first town also slightly ripped (im gonna give you a pass on these rips since this is just done in humor)
ok i now see that you have just ripped the entire overworld from another game. (you pervy sonofabitch)

Memes, hentai, I bought 99 nine from both

I just love this....

Better than Final Fantasy XV and Tales of Berseria