Reviews for "Lost Pause: The Second Cumming!"

The game is stoped working after second talking with nurse -_- OMG

StaticSkull responds:

why is everybody even talking go her twice? -_-

Wandered aimlessly around a forest for 10 minutes fighting the same enemy over and over again with no idea if I was making any progress. Didn't inspire me to progress. It needs signposts or something. Also there were lots of scenery sprites, but there's no indication if they can be interacted with. I stopped trying after a while with no success.

Also, I'm an SJW who likes hentai. Where's your god now, eh? ;)

You can't use one dumb joke to build a game. Aside from the dumb premise, it's slow, laggy, the sound effects are grating, and it crashed twice.

2.5 for the lols. i talked to the nurse a second time and now nothing works so that's a thing. also his hairs a tad darker but thats not really anything big

Kinda laggy, often crashy; I suspect memory problems, for no good reasons as there is not much to load between levels. Maybe they use too many resources? They seem to big & pointless.

Kinda trashy, kinda humy-drumy; Linear, with no backtracking between levels, so no fun exploring. Big empty levels with gratuitous, repetitive enemies. So it's just annoying to navigate, with no real choices to make, not even advance vs grind.

Didn't see much humour worth mentioning, just obvi & trite stuff. After 3rd crash, lost interest. Looks like yet another rpg maker cookie-cutter no design knock off.