Reviews for "Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.03)"

legitimately great game, honestly a better game than just jerking material. cool concept and good flow to it; farm, buy shit, use no-escape rope, repeat. its genuinely fun. there are a few complaints though.

To me, it seems, either i'm just unlucky, or the defense roll has a very low chance of actually defending. Not sure if that's true or i'm just unlucky, but maybe amp up the chances of critting.

Also, i'm fairly new to this game, i've only played it for a few hours, but there is a HUGE skill gap going into bulbasaur from pikachu (I forget their actual names). Easily beating the boss from level one and barely being able to beat the casual enemy in the next level is a bit odd.

Overall this is a great game. Likable characters, clever jokes in the shop about donating and commenting etc. pretty damn good, for a newgrounds game lol.

Is there more content past Carmen? I've beat her, summoned her enough times to power her up, but can't progress anymore...


This is pretty good, actually!
It didn't get boring farming money, but the odds for summoning before the increase feels
a little too low.
And i don't really get, what the resistance is all about... is it against all damage types?
Enjoyed it anyway!

Damn good. Hell of a spawn rate on the rare cosplayers, though. It's just the three of them, with only the new one where they can only be found in a specific room (the last one), right? Haven't found Jessie in this run, hoping to before settling it down.


Great job on the game, 0.04 is working great, got Eevee reeeally easily. But I can't help but feel no difference in the new increased chance books, and no matter how many times I beat Jesse I can't cure her. So. I'd love if you could just let me know, Thanks. Also Cannot wait until 0.05.