Reviews for "The Knights' Rescue"

*BAD ENGLISH* but lets go! i will try my best

I want to write a lot of good things about this game so write the one bad thing first and then enjoy thousands of good points.

BAD - has no storyline
And when I get excited I'm done, very short (I almost cry)


-incredible gameplay
-the backgrounds sound (music) AMAZING a very very good election
-the characters to take advantage I really liked
-The voice of the last boss haha ​​I loved that part

An incredible game to dedicate his minutes and want more, I even played it about 3 times (SPOILER) until I made an achievement called the link of the past (or something like that). I really enjoy the game very good. It's worth waiting for more of you. I'm looking forward to more games like this. You will have a good future creating video games.


I never give 5 stars but you won a 4.5
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And waiting for more games.

If you do another game, could you put the option of creating your character at the beginning? At least the hair, shirt, trousers, sword, shield and some things more like eyes, mouth etc.

It would be amazing


Aprime responds:

You'll learn a part of the story from the Richard Ramblings trophy :D
Thank you for your review. I'm glad you enjoyed it and wanted more!

gameplay was good, art was great, overall enjoyable. played through it a few times. it is short and entertaining.

Aprime responds:

Glad you thought so :D

I thought the voice acting for the final boss was great. I also like how short and sweet it is.

Aprime responds:

Hahaha great! I'll be sure to pass that on. Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed :)