Reviews for "Smoke Spider Problems"

Its so short and nice! I love it.

I couldn't really follow the story, but it seemed interesting
I wished it was a little longer by at least a minute.

Really nice animation, colors, and characters.

That was quite creative. What is that little animal at the end?

hey, thats one awesome short flash movie!
i liked it: it had nice, fluid animation, good linework, nice drawings of the characters (the child, the smoke-spider), good face expressions, and a really nice animation speed+pace...
also, the story was nice, and funny, with a great ending...
all in all, this was awesome, funny, and nicely animated.

keep up the good work, and do more stuff like this!

Kind of cute. Tells a nice little story in a minimalist style. Although I wouldn't have known the smoky villain was a spider except from the title.