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Reviews for "Fillyfuck Fiesta v1.01"

This is nice but it has no moaning sounds :( I really wanted to hear Fluttershy moan while getting Applejack dick hehe

I love how the personalities of the characters shine with every different match, plus the quality and animation are very well done! I do suggest separation the of the sex sounds and music for a minor tweak.

I haven't tried everything yet.... not enough time for this just now... I think there's maybe a 'lagging' sort of issue. It took a little time (okay, half blind, but I can still read most of it) and as far as I can tell everything works. Some of the controls seem to respond a little sluggish is all... To the audience/players I would suggest making sure you "click" instead of assuming the "tap" function worked (in case you're trying such a feature) and then patience...
Mittsies... You might check into the code or something and see if there's something you've gotten in there the "long way round" if that makes sense? I don't really know... Uploading things like this can occasionally just be weird. It might also work better after a visit or two (some of these posts definitely improve performances after the first visit)...

Okay, all in all, great work. Variety... quality graphics and animation... lots of control... and Mittsies always gets it done right without stupefying resolutions! Awesome job... keep on keeping on...

Porn adverts on Newgrounds? With adblock? Ah well, least it aint distracting.
With Hotswap, you can change characters mid-sex(example: RD on RD ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
The password enterer will say different things if you put in certain words(clop), and clicking on squirrels will make them..inverted?
As desc says, lots of variety and each pone has a diffrent expression to being done ;)

God fucking damn it Mein Kloph though, I'd read it.

I'm not a professional at porn games and tbh I'm only playing this because Mittsies and I'm bored :)

you should make keyboard controlls

Mittsies responds:

Good suggestion, I will consider that for an update.