Reviews for "Slavery Triangular Trade"

it isn't necessarily racist as this kinda happened in history but overall pretty good game design graphics were much to be desired however

AMAZING! First I was a bit skeptical but after a minute I was completely hooked it's just SO GOOD! I love the attention to detail and how well the history aspect was made.

You forgot to add the chiefs who sold their own tribesmen.

Unfortunately a bug causes the game to freeze in campaign mode in the later stages.It happened multiple times.
Other than that, I loved every other aspect,and how it always keeps the player under the right amount of stress.
Interface could be better,it was slightly overwhelming at first and took sometime to get what is what.

Sebbernery responds:

Someone else told me about a freeze issue. I'll investigate that. Thanks for telling it !

The Vikings and the Franks had a similar trade back in the 8th and 9th century