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Reviews for "Task to kill"

pretty impresive, the animation needs to improve a bit but still good and enjoyable, keep the good work and hope see more in the future ;).

VladClown responds:

Thanks :]

Verry well done! I haven't seen good madness animations arround here in some time, most have choppy animation or are extremely short, but this is truly a masterpiece! Everything blends in so well, I really enjoyed watching it. Keep up the good work, you are truly a talent and I look forward to see more from you!

VladClown responds:

Thanks dude

Good work, although, there could be an improvement in some aspects :)

VladClown responds:

Thanks :з

Music was Meh. -1
Classic "Kill the sheriff" Plot -2
I enjoyed the Third Party Soldiers joining in, killing and getting killed. Expected more but, oh well.
Overall movie is good, Smoothly animated.

Keep it up, my dude.

VladClown responds:


the animation is pretty decent, i wont gonna lie, the melee fights have a good impact, the guns executions were fine too, sound effects well edited, good bloody effects and i really like the ''hotline Miami'' concept you used
but that motion blur is very annoying, you have to find a way to solve this out

other than that, this is one of few good madness animations i find here in a while

VladClown responds:

Thanks, I am glad that was pleasant to you