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Reviews for "JamezBond (Fanimutation)"

That was great!

But not as great as SUZUKISAN i have to say! it would have been even more funnier if you had thought of more amusing english translations (like you did in suzukisan)! but the song was ace and the graphics were top notch quality of a animuation! Three cheers for Dwedit - KING OF THE ANIMUTATION!


Click the 'play' button on the control panel along the bottom when the animutation has ended! Then do it again 2x


i really liked this.... i thought the song was hilarious and VERY typical of something like sailor moon or samurai pizza cats. there was some really odd stuff going on here... the blood when trebek gets shot was FREAKY lookin. there were some other things; like i thought i was mike tyson eating a bowl of ears? anyway, keep up the good work. :)

Dwedit responds:

The freaky blood was from a weird hentai pic I have. I just cut out the girl and the background and kept the blood. The original site I got the pic from went down though.


funny and weird

Not bad

A pretty good Fanimutation. The gay Peter Pan kept me laughing the whole time, and the Alex clones were nicely done. I liked the South Park reference. All in all not bad