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Reviews for "JamezBond (Fanimutation)"


Haha, you honored me by responding to a review on another of your movies! I like how you changed it! Cute blood. Although, I wish there were more fake lyrics, because it's funnier to me that way. Who says american cartoons can't have spiky hair? lol! To you people who don't like animutations, and post reviews like "Oh, you probably slapped that together in 10 secs!" Theyr'e harder to make then you think. Think about how long it takes to find the piccys! Muaha. Eh, I noticed those "secrets" a long time ago. Hana o sakaseyou!

Fanimutation...nuff said

Hilarious! VERY well done, and the blood from Trebek was really cool.

I really have nothing more to say. Genuis, funny movie!



This is without a doubt the single most insane thing I have ever seen. I love it. It makes me wish there was some stuff like this on TV.


simply lovely. that was great!!!!!!!

the love hina theme is crazy, who WOULDN'T tack it onto some crazy flash movie?

and the 50 year old dude who likes to pretend he's peter pan...well he's just great for any occasion!!!

nice work!

10 10 10!

Pure art.

We need more of this fanimutaion stuff. Loved the japanese song and wierd plotline.