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Reviews for "JamezBond (Fanimutation)"


dude, that was dang cool dude. dunno, guess it just struck my fancy... a full 10 in style points.

lol!! funny shit

James is so dashing.. his best movie yet!


That movie was hilarious... even though about 80% of it had nothing to do w/ James Bond. I was going to give you a 3 after watching the first part, but it just kept getting funnier and funnier, and your score kept getting higher an higher. I gave it a 5 just because it was so funny.

P.S. that little scene with the crowds running toward that building, was that from "Double Dribble"?

Dwedit responds:

Yes that scene was from Double Dribble. I first used that animated gif I made in Rock and Roll mcdonalds.

BTW, don't miss the deleted scenes! Press the MENU button!

Heey! I have that mp3! It's so kool. ;__;

Not only did you make me laugh my ass off, put in various clips from different shows I loved, and actually made me LAUGH at a gay person, but you did it all in unison with playing one of the most adorable opening songs to an anime I've never seen. ;__; How the hell do you do it?

P.S.: Why on earth did you have Mink the Dragon-Half dancing near the end? Because of that I'm gonna need a rib replacement. ;__;


i love this movie, but did you make it because i saw it on albinoblacksheep a long time ago.

Dwedit responds:

Albinoblacksheep generally doesn't make flash movies, he just posts them. (With a few exceptions, like Elvis Lives in Flash.) It was on Newgrounds and on my site for a long time before Albinoblacksheep added it (and hotlinked the .swf file from my site too).