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Reviews for "JamezBond (Fanimutation)"

Dwedit, you are a genious...pure freakin genious!

This was awesome! What are you on man! The love hina theme was perfect for this! (the anime is great to for anyone who hasnt seen it!) and where did you dig up nickolas? been catchin up on your care bears? You have created the masterpiece flash movie of our time!! IT FREAKIN KICKS ASS! Its just so malto! Keep up the amazing work!

dwedit takes animutation in a new direction

Definitely a hit. The non english but catchy music characteristic of animutations is here, but without badly translated subtitles. they are not needed, as the rythm of the visuals follows the beat of the music surprisingly well. visuals show a few of the favorite locations seen in many animutations as well as new "on location filming" never seen before. fanimutation star hello kitty adds her walking and blinking talent as "the reactor core" while newcomers to the genre james bond, gay peter pan, and alex trebek clones play more leading roles in this masterpeice.


i love this movie, but did you make it because i saw it on albinoblacksheep a long time ago.

Dwedit responds:

Albinoblacksheep generally doesn't make flash movies, he just posts them. (With a few exceptions, like Elvis Lives in Flash.) It was on Newgrounds and on my site for a long time before Albinoblacksheep added it (and hotlinked the .swf file from my site too).


hahah old gay robin hood,clones,insane crack addicted related stuff.What more could a boy need? NOTIN!

Dwedit responds:

It's Peter Pan dammit!


simply lovely. that was great!!!!!!!

the love hina theme is crazy, who WOULDN'T tack it onto some crazy flash movie?

and the 50 year old dude who likes to pretend he's peter pan...well he's just great for any occasion!!!

nice work!

10 10 10!