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Reviews for "JamezBond (Fanimutation)"

well done

i love the love hina opening you chose(i'd give you bonus points if they existed...) again hilarious and just about anyone who likes comedy should watch this.

This funny!

I love this kind of thing because it's random and real weird. I have a lot of respect for you, dude. Now I know why there's a rocket in the Suzukisan preloader! Hee. BTW, who the hell is Gay Peter Pan? *^_^*

Just plain awsome.

I've loved this one forever, but... that shot of the city you use in begining... that's where I live, I swear. That's downtown portland. I'll bet if it wasn't so compressed I could point out my school.

Another great work!

In case anyone is wondering what the lyrics are in english:
On the roof, looking at the sky, the sun's light is warm and gentle
When I look at the sky my entire body is filled with energy
I can't quit it! I can't give up
Good bye to the bewildered yesterday
My feelings are springing up
I can bring them up many times, let a flower blossom
Memories are sweet hiding places
Live to see another day
One day a blessing will come, Stretch out your hands
The sunlight that swims the sky over the roof is glorious
When I look up at the sky, happiness is filled throughout my body
Daily life is like an angry wave
A cycle of heaven and hell
I can bring it up many times, let a flower blossom
Run, run until you find love
If I was to suffer, let it continue
One day a blessing will come, Stretch out your hands


i just looke up where that cute blood comes from, and its some chibi girl hving a period in full force, so the trebecks are having guy periods becasue bond shot them? overall it kicks some mighty ass, you ever finished the james bond game either,try on it, i am saying IT IS MALTO!!!!