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Reviews for "JamezBond (Fanimutation)"


Never ever have I seen such excellent use of the the Love Hina GREAT JOB!!!!!

I've always been a sucker for Fanimutation...


This F'N Ruled!!!!!

Damn, that rocked! One of the best flash animations I've seen on Newgrounds! It's fast, and out of control!!!!! Pat yourself on the back man!


i really liked this.... i thought the song was hilarious and VERY typical of something like sailor moon or samurai pizza cats. there was some really odd stuff going on here... the blood when trebek gets shot was FREAKY lookin. there were some other things; like i thought i was mike tyson eating a bowl of ears? anyway, keep up the good work. :)

Dwedit responds:

The freaky blood was from a weird hentai pic I have. I just cut out the girl and the background and kept the blood. The original site I got the pic from went down though.


Man, what a horrible way to defile sakura saku... That's actually a good song ;[

Dwedit responds:

Because of this review and a couple others with this message, I added a little note to the description of the movie. I'm a huge Love Hina fan and mean no disrespect to the Anime.