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Reviews for "JamezBond (Fanimutation)"


That movie is uberownage.. i played it about 10 times and i have yet to get tired of it!

I wish I could under stand....

I only saw a few mistakes like FREE ENTERNITY RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 You let go of shift too soon and screwed that up. Well I am not Japanese and I guess I will never be but that was pretty funny non the less. I will give you a....4

Dwedit responds:

The '1' after the string of !!!'s was intentional. It was to give Alex Chiu a bad campaign slogan.


that was superb and well thought out you did excelent
i hope to see it in the top 50

Dwedit responds:

At the rate it's going with a 3.49 (10:57PM 11/9/02) I doubt it's going anywhere other than next weeks top 20.


AWESOME job, sir! I love it! There's a lot of references to things that have already been done plenty of times, but still, it's great.

It's like one extended crack trip

It's impossible for me to really describe it beyond to say that it's like a huge crack trip... but disturbingly entertaining.

If you can get past the visual style, it is .... oddly... good.

kinda tough to explain... you just gotta see it to believe it.