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Reviews for "JamezBond (Fanimutation)"


Suck it, Trebek!!


hahah peter pan does look like a fag!! hahah good job tho anyway!! hahahahha

Not bad

A pretty good Fanimutation. The gay Peter Pan kept me laughing the whole time, and the Alex clones were nicely done. I liked the South Park reference. All in all not bad


I don't see what's the big craze over this fanimutation stuff...it's just a collection of animated jpg's put to a japanese song where you can't understand what the hell they're saying, only that it sounds funny to some people, cause people think japanese music is so fuckin weird. Well I'm guessing it probably isn't weird to japanese people. Maybe they think american music is weird. Nice effort on the movie.

Dwedit responds:

I actually briefly research the song I'm doing fanimutations for, and find out what the song is about. I've seen subtitled love hina anime, so I have a good idea what that song is about.


Watching this was really annoying i couldnt wait for this to end...but in the end it felt like ive just got of a bad xtc trip.