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Reviews for "JamezBond (Fanimutation)"


Great job man this was perfect after a long day and i loved the secret menu you put in

man im stoned

well the movie hasn't loaded yet its only at 29% but i give you a 10 cause of that optical illusion preloader man that shit is tripped out oh god damn am i stoned im really really stoned man god damn korn sucks alone i break is really gay i think its time for some tool tool is so great damn its still at 43% god damn i just ate a whole pizza it was tasty


Dwedit, youve never let me down, once again an A+ of a fanimutation, great extra features, great theme, and it actually tells a story...way to go....AAA++ =D


Haha, you honored me by responding to a review on another of your movies! I like how you changed it! Cute blood. Although, I wish there were more fake lyrics, because it's funnier to me that way. Who says american cartoons can't have spiky hair? lol! To you people who don't like animutations, and post reviews like "Oh, you probably slapped that together in 10 secs!" Theyr'e harder to make then you think. Think about how long it takes to find the piccys! Muaha. Eh, I noticed those "secrets" a long time ago. Hana o sakaseyou!

Te o no bashite!

I love it! You rule!