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Reviews for "JamezBond (Fanimutation)"

Zat's So Wondufoo!

This is easily my favorite Animutation, it had a very addictive song, good humor, and lots of neat options, great work! Though I didn't get any of the Anime refrences the other people who had reviewed were talking about...guess I really should see more Anime. ^_^" Anyway, exellent job on the Animutation, I hope you've got more you're working on, because you're easily the best at the stuff! Keep it up!

That was great!

But not as great as SUZUKISAN i have to say! it would have been even more funnier if you had thought of more amusing english translations (like you did in suzukisan)! but the song was ace and the graphics were top notch quality of a animuation! Three cheers for Dwedit - KING OF THE ANIMUTATION!


Man, that's one of the best Animutations that I've ever seen! I loved the part with the Trebek clones. Nice work with the extra features too! Keep it up!


im speechless

Weird, yet funny.

The only thing weirder than that movie was the song.