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Reviews for "JamezBond (Fanimutation)"


This is without a doubt the single most insane thing I have ever seen. I love it. It makes me wish there was some stuff like this on TV.

This one is actually good

GOod work. I noticed that the blood you used for the Trebecks comes from a very odd picture of a little anime girl. That blood/gummy bear stuff comes out of her vagina. No joke.

Dwedit responds:

Shhhh! You're not supposed to spoil the surprise!


Just gotta add my fair share of praise to this totally awesome flash. The Love Hina theme totally gets me pumped up each day, so I at least watch this once everyday. And as for the people who hate you for doing this, I leave them this..."If you dont like what you show them, then tell em' where to go!"

I have to watch this at least once a day

Seriously, classic. Especially "I Surrender" with the French flag. HA!

And to all the faggots who can't get girlfriends and worship anime more than their religion sending viruses because someone made a classic video rivaling Cicierega's own to a Love Hina song, I wish bad fortune and a realization of reality on you. (Check the reviews if you have know idea what I mean.)

Great stuff.

Quality Fanimutation. Loved every second of it. Right up there with most of Cicierega's work.