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Reviews for "JamezBond (Fanimutation)"

This was a great sequel to Suzukisan. I guess that's pretty much what it is, right? There's a freeze frame bonus that reads "who says American cartoon characters cant have spiky hair". It's when Nicholas is shown. I remember that kid from the Care Bears movie. The Nostalgia Critic reviewed it!

I assume this is a song from "Love Hina". I never watched that anime. It was great to see these characters again. The music is great! It was fun just to try to recognize what all these things came from.

Amazing confusion

I didn't understand a thing, but I totally enjoyed it.

=^_^= lol

i was watching the anime *Love hina* when i realized this was their theam song
so i had to see tis flash a gin

Pure art.

We need more of this fanimutaion stuff. Loved the japanese song and wierd plotline.

It was alright.

It had a good pace to it but for some reason it didn't make me laugh as much as i thought it would but regardless it was still a pretty good watch and James Bond is always cool,nice job.